Boycott All Advertisers

The best thing about watching TV online and on demand has always been the decreased likelihood of being inundated with annoying advertisements, but in these darkest of times when even youtube videos have commercials I feel that I have no choice but to take action..

What good reason is there to advertise a product, anyway? If you have to push and hype a product, it either means there is no demand for the commodity or the market for it is so over saturated that a pathetic desperation to be noticed has set in.

It’s the same with voting, it only encourages the continuation of a ridiculous, concocted mechanism that has no good reason to exist.

It has become clear, after watching an ad for a product specifically manufactured with the sole purpose of cleaning my testicles, that I have no choice but to launch a boycott of any and all products that insist on standing in the way of my god-given right to be entertained without fear of irritation, aggravation and ultimately, exasperation.


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google_ad_client = “pub-6747930540297140”;
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google_ad_slot = “5984119039”;
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